Bondi Air Co - Premium Navy Anti Air Pollution Mask + Valve & 2 Filters Set

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Premium Navy Anti Air Pollution Mask + Valve & 2 Filters Set

Premium Navy Anti Air Pollution Mask + Valve & 2 Filters Set

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Prof Glynn Davis
Premium Navy Anti Air Pollution Mask + Valve Review

The Premium Navy Anti Air Pollution Mask with Valve, is a very nice quality mask, albeit with one design flaw. I have ordered this mask 4 times and have been generally satisfied. The mask and the materials are of premium quality, with 2-layers of cloth protection and the ability to add a PM2.5 filter. Unfortunately, there is a single design flaw that makes me think of "planned obsolescence". After a while (usually 2-3 machine washings) the valve becomes very easily detached from the mask because the method used to 'anchor' the valve to the cloth is not robust. Although the valve can be re-attached by the user, over time it simply pops out far too easily. This is unfortunate for a mask+valve of fairly high expense to purchase


Tom Danby
Damned fast delivery and excellent masks


Dale Kelly
Navy mask

It fits well, and I can breathe ok, but it still can fog up your glasses

Mask Performance

This mask allows me to breathe easier whilst not fogging up my glasses! Happy with result. Found the instructions & info difficult to read - small white print on pale grey back ground really poor! Black print on clear would be far more suitable.

Jill Thomas

Have not received anything as yet!


How Does it Work?


BondiAirCo™ Technology

Introducing an innovative new level of protection, breathability, and modern design. BondiAirCo™ masks and filters are designed with comfort and safety at the forefront of our mind. Our BondiAirCo™ mask is ideal for all climates and can be paired effortless with any outfit for any occasion. 

We combine leading filter technology with stylish design, bringing you performance and comfort to protect you from harmful particles that you come in to contact with every day.

Key Features

Protection from Harmful Microscopic Particles  

Our technology features an innovative 5 layer technology powered by activated carbon that filters out microscopic particles that are as small as 2.5 microns.

The BondiAirCo™ mask is re-usable and each filter provides 40 hours of protection. 


Personalised Fit with Efficient Ventilation

Each mask is designed with an adjustable nose clip and ear straps to provide a tight seal and fit a variety of faces. The exhalation valve on the mask acts as a ventilation system, making the mask easier to breathe through. When you breathe, the valve transports the exhaled air out to prevent the mask from becoming warm and moist.

The valve on the mask is engineered to only transport the exhaled air out, and not let any unfiltered air in.


What is the classification and intended use for the BondiAirCo™ mask?

The BondiAirCo™ mask is designed to provide protection against harmful microscopic particles. Our masks reach the T/CTCA 1-2019 standard. 

What does the BondiAirCo™ mask protect from?

The BondiAirCo™ mask is used for protection from airborne particles that are as small as 2.5 microns. These particles include, dust, allergens, post combustion particles, germs, shavings, biologics, odours, scents, mould, mould spores, particles in bushfire smoke, volcanic particulate pollution, and other airborne contaminants. 


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